Qasar Communications   



Qasar Communications has been involved in abundant, substantial sales and projects,
undertaking myriad roles including supplier, installer and commissioner. Some clients 
(and projects delivered) include:

- Television Network Centre - TVNZ
- Newsroom Automation - TVNZ
- Newsroom System - TV3
- Radio Storage and Automation solutions for Prospect (TRN NZ), The "IWI" Group 
  of stations (NZ), Tonga Broadcasting Commission and the ABC 
- Digital Multi-Channel Automation Solution for Satellite Music Australia
- Internet Radio Solution - ABC (DiG)
- Scheduling and Management software for Maori Television.
- MPEG-II Codecs - TV3
- ETSI Codecs for Telecom New Zealand (First Media)
- S/W Transmitter - RNZ
- UHF/VHF Transmitters / Transposers - SKY TV
- UHF/VHF Transmitters / Transposers - TV3
- UHF Transmitters for HPTV - (TVNZ)